Sunday, 6 March 2011

FAO Justin Bieber

Hello Justin.

You will not reply to this message, in fact you probably won't even read it. Nevertheless what I have to say is of grave importance.

As you are aware you have amassed a healthy following on Twitter. Now I, amongst others, remember the days when you had a 'mere' 500,000 followers.
During these days you did whatever was in your power to tweet everybody back even if it was just a "Hello" or a "Thank you."
These simple tweets to your fans were regarded by them to be a huge honour which they would share with their friends and followers with great enthusiasm.

These days however, things have changed. I appreciate that with the amount of followers you now have it would be impossible to tweet them all back, and indeed this is not my suggestion.
But what I do suggest, on behalf of the 82,000 that have UNfollowed you since your change in attitude, is to go back to the days when you tweet back random fans and make them feel as special as you no doubt feel today.
All your account is used for today is to promote your music or the various edits of your movie which seem to be realised every week.
I am not a fan, and I do not require a tweet back from you to appreciate what I have on Twitter, but as I'm sure you will understand, there are many people that want the 'old' Justin back.
Do not let your fans down, they are who made you, and they can ultimately destroy what you have.

Please heed my warning, and know that I am not lying.

Let the game begin.


Posted by @The_Jigsaw