Wednesday, 17 November 2010


Hello bloggers.

I am writing this to give you a brief insight of what I do.  I am assuming that most of you who are reading this have obtained the link from either Twitter or Facebook, if not, and you have stumbled across it by chance, first of all, lucky you, secondly if after reading this you want to be part of the game then you can find me at or on Facebook search for TheJig Saw.

What I do.

Much like the films, I test people, I send out a tweet saying I am ready to play and that anybody who wishes to be chosen to play must first post a qualifying tweet from which I will choose my 'victim'.

The process of choosing a victim is by no means random, for everyone that replies I thoroughly check through their Bio and their follows, favourites etc in an attempt to find something that I can base a game around.
Once I having chosen a victim I will tweet them the details of the game and also give them a time limit in which it must be completed.
Examples of previous games include this; I chose a girl whose Bio was filled with dreams of being a famous singer/pop star.  Her game was to tweet as many famous singers as she thought necessary in order to obtain one reply from any of them.  After many many tweets she finally got a reply back from one, the lesson she learnt was that if she ever did make it to be a famous singer, then she would never forget that she was once in her new fans shoes, so if somebody asks for a tweet or an autograph or photo, then oblige them. 

As you can see the games are never that serious and are just designed to be a lighter take on the games played out in the films.

There are however, some people who are disappointed with the games and I am sure they would much prefer me to put my victims in a reverse beartrap and make a Twitvid of it! Quite how I would achieve this on a Twitter page is beyond me but nether the less they seem to think it's possible.  I will of course not name these deluded follower hungry people as I would not want to give them publicity.

Anyway I hope this has helped answer some questions you may of had, feel free to comment, and in the mean time, i'll see you on Twitter.

Let the game begin




  1. can you help us with a hastag #17thjigsaw?
    we're brasilian and we have one friend who loves Jig Saw. Today is her birthday and we'll tried to put #17thjigsaw on the trending topics !
    I know you have many followers, so i think you can make this real. thank you #17thjigsaw

  2. thank you so much @maa_k #17thjigsaw