Sunday, 6 March 2011

FAO Justin Bieber

Hello Justin.

You will not reply to this message, in fact you probably won't even read it. Nevertheless what I have to say is of grave importance.

As you are aware you have amassed a healthy following on Twitter. Now I, amongst others, remember the days when you had a 'mere' 500,000 followers.
During these days you did whatever was in your power to tweet everybody back even if it was just a "Hello" or a "Thank you."
These simple tweets to your fans were regarded by them to be a huge honour which they would share with their friends and followers with great enthusiasm.

These days however, things have changed. I appreciate that with the amount of followers you now have it would be impossible to tweet them all back, and indeed this is not my suggestion.
But what I do suggest, on behalf of the 82,000 that have UNfollowed you since your change in attitude, is to go back to the days when you tweet back random fans and make them feel as special as you no doubt feel today.
All your account is used for today is to promote your music or the various edits of your movie which seem to be realised every week.
I am not a fan, and I do not require a tweet back from you to appreciate what I have on Twitter, but as I'm sure you will understand, there are many people that want the 'old' Justin back.
Do not let your fans down, they are who made you, and they can ultimately destroy what you have.

Please heed my warning, and know that I am not lying.

Let the game begin.


Posted by @The_Jigsaw

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

10,000 Reasons To Be Proud

Hello TeamJigsaw,

As some of you may of realised, I never left, this is the same Jigsaw that started the account way back in April 2010.
You may ask why I suggested that a new Jigsaw was taking over, well, it was a game which I needed to play to help me find out a few things about you.

Firstly I wanted to monitor peoples reactions when faced with, (As far as they knew) a completely new person who had taken over an account they follow.
Would they unfollow?
Would they abuse?
Would they pledge support?

Well looking back they did all three.
The most interesting comments I found were the ones which said either "I like the new Jigsaw better" or equally "I miss the old Jigsaw he was so much better than this one".
I also received tweets from people I had recently unfollowed due to abusive or racist/sexist comments asking the 'new' Jigsaw for a follow as if nothing had happened.

Secondly, and more importantly, I wanted it to pose as a warning to the younger community of Twitter, these kids, some as young as 11 or 12, have set up Twitter accounts with or without their parents knowledge, and are talking to and sending pictures to people who they think are of a similar age but in many cases are not.
We are all aware of the dark side of Twitter and how it can be used by the scum of our community for their own sick games and pleasure. So I wanted to show these kids how you think you can be talking to someone on here and it's not who you think it is.
This is a very real problem and needs to be addressed asap.

Forgive my deceitfulness but its just something I had been wanting to do for a long time.

Remember what I've always said, everything I tweet could be part of a game.

Stay alert.

Posted by @The_Jigsaw

Wednesday, 17 November 2010


Hello bloggers.

I am writing this to give you a brief insight of what I do.  I am assuming that most of you who are reading this have obtained the link from either Twitter or Facebook, if not, and you have stumbled across it by chance, first of all, lucky you, secondly if after reading this you want to be part of the game then you can find me at or on Facebook search for TheJig Saw.

What I do.

Much like the films, I test people, I send out a tweet saying I am ready to play and that anybody who wishes to be chosen to play must first post a qualifying tweet from which I will choose my 'victim'.

The process of choosing a victim is by no means random, for everyone that replies I thoroughly check through their Bio and their follows, favourites etc in an attempt to find something that I can base a game around.
Once I having chosen a victim I will tweet them the details of the game and also give them a time limit in which it must be completed.
Examples of previous games include this; I chose a girl whose Bio was filled with dreams of being a famous singer/pop star.  Her game was to tweet as many famous singers as she thought necessary in order to obtain one reply from any of them.  After many many tweets she finally got a reply back from one, the lesson she learnt was that if she ever did make it to be a famous singer, then she would never forget that she was once in her new fans shoes, so if somebody asks for a tweet or an autograph or photo, then oblige them. 

As you can see the games are never that serious and are just designed to be a lighter take on the games played out in the films.

There are however, some people who are disappointed with the games and I am sure they would much prefer me to put my victims in a reverse beartrap and make a Twitvid of it! Quite how I would achieve this on a Twitter page is beyond me but nether the less they seem to think it's possible.  I will of course not name these deluded follower hungry people as I would not want to give them publicity.

Anyway I hope this has helped answer some questions you may of had, feel free to comment, and in the mean time, i'll see you on Twitter.

Let the game begin